Nurture the healthiest poultry and seeds that fit your healthy standard.

QL Poultry Farm Sdn Bhd (QLPF), was established in 2001 and is a subsidiary of QL Resources Bhd (QL). Sharing the same vision and core values as our parent company, QLPF aims to benefit the market by producing quality agricultural products. The company believes that, success shall be capitalised through uphold business integrity, great innovation and strong team spirit.

With 31 years of experience in egg production, QLPF is committed to maximise our knowledge and expertise to produce fresh and high quality eggs for Malaysia market. QLPF is Malaysia’s leading egg producers under QL Resources Berhad. We are currently providing about 1 million eggs daily for nourishment throughout Malaysia. QLPF is in speed for expanding its capacity to produce quality chicken eggs catering to the needs of customer.

QLPF nutritious eggs are produced by healthy chickens fed with nutritious feed. To ensure the quality of our branded QL Eggs, our chickens are fed with all natural feed made mainly from yellow corn, soya bean, wheat and added with several vitamins and minerals. The feed is also enriched with lactobacillus probiotic to enhance health of our chickens with no antibiotics. For QL Omega eggs, the feed is further enriched with omega-3, DHA and carotenoids to provide the yolks a higher omega-3 and DHA content and brighter orange colour. ( Note: Strictly no synthetic colours are used in QL Omega eggs). 

QLPF’s chickens are very well taken care of in order to produce quality eggs for our consumers. Our chickens live in comfortable cool chicken house equipped with cutting edge technology. Strict hygiene and bio-security measurements are implemented in our farms to avoid risks of viral and bacterial infection from the external environment.

QL Eggs are specially selected from the chickens that are healthy and in their best productive age. Our trained workers will select only fresh and clean eggs to pack as QL Deli Fresh, QL Omega and QL Sakura. Because in QL, we believe that healthy chickens nurtured in a clean environment fed with nutritious feed will produce high quality nutritious eggs for your family.

Our understanding of chicken’s biology helps us to develop high quality natural feed that is specially formulated for the chicken’s health. QLPF’s farms are developed with technology that allows for regulated climates, keeping chickens in stables and comfortable temperatures. The strict hygiene controlled the environments and ensure that the risk of infection from viruses and bacteria is minimized regardless it is from the staff, or other chickens. This resulting QL eggs are always in natural, nutritious and fresh in quality.

Under the high-quality management and production, QL Resources Bhd was ranked 22nd on the list of the world’s top 25 egg production, making it one of the 3 companies from Asian countries including Japan and Thailand, which successfully topped into the leader board of world egg production.