QL Poultry Farms Sdn Bhd was incorporated since year 2001, started as a manufacturer and now QL has grown to become one of the well-known international supplier for advanced eggs products and organic fertilizer. QL pledge on creating the unique organic farming method to build sustainability in environmental by promoting eco-organic products to the community.  

High tech Organic AG Solution -Organic method to solve acidic soil. Automation Fermentate Tech transform Chicken manure to high quality fertilizer.

In QL Poultry Farm, advance bio-fermentation technology was used to ensure organic fertilizer is formed after 20 days of high-temperature sterilization and fermentation, to eliminate weeds, mildew and prevent the loss of soil nutrient. QL Organic Fertilizer is a complete fertilizer with adequate microorganism contents, which the fertilizer excreted enzymes that improve the fruits taste, amino acids and multi-vitamins that speeds up plants’ growth.

This fertilizer is a animal waste, which makes it an excellent soil conditioner. It plays a critical role on the plant yield to increase in harvest and production.

Mechanized production ensures stability, promptness, hygiene with no odor product.

The fully mechanized production process improve the stability and the quality of QL organic fertilizer. The system will continually on the dungs stirring automatically. During the process, the faeces odour will be vacuum into the deodorising tank to decompose the uncomfortable smell and further reduce the bacteria and air pollution. QL organic fertilizer is 100% fermented with Effective Microorganism (EM). The fertilizer is excellence in quality as it is odorless and free from harmful bacteria. The main nutrients and micronutrients elements will effectively enhance the nutrients and beneficial microorganisms in the soil to ensure maintain and create sustainable living environment  QL also provide fertilizer in pellet and powder form, which is user-friendly to any type of plants such as rubber and oil palm trees.QL engage Corporate Social Responsibility aligning with United Nation Sustainable Goal by taking effort for innovation on producing excellent organic fertilisation and enrich the environment to promote fight against climate action.

From the Farm Manager:

Quality fertile soil and an eco-friendly environment are important to the farmers, with the use of QL Organic fertilizer which is 100% EM fermentation will further enhance the growth of soil microorganism that helps released elements for plant use.

It is an excellent soil conditional which will be solving the acidic soil problems. It will also avoid burning plant root action and making the soil more friable and improve the crop quality.